CINTA kepada yang satu, iaitu hanya CINTA kepada Allah. Cinta Hakiki.

Back to Humble Life. // Friday, 18 May 2012

Salam & Good early Morning,

it has been quite a long time since I touch this blog, well, I had came through alot of things by then. Life's like that I suppose? But nonetheless, it's good to write something up as a life's journal. I had since missed this moments in writing in blog, by now blog is so called "outdated" already, but for me, it doesn't really, as long you got the mood to write, then it will be ok, I guess?

But all else, Alhamdulillah, thanked Allah, that my life is somehow turning good, although some tuning part needs to be improve. I believe, everyone has their days whereby, they have their upside, and their downside. Noone is perfect, except Allah of course.

Since 2 years I left from my National Service, pretty much alot of things I have faced through, rather some parts have changed me, though, I need to contently upgrading myself. Hence, I should be doing better than before.

Since now I've started schooling in NAFA(Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), Well, my life sometimes starts to go alittle off, but I do my best to prove myself that I am what I am as a Muslim. Since I started school, well, I didn't have much effort in doing it, but I still do have interest studying design, as I am intended to, I took the major in Object Design, It was really struggling for me to get myself to second year, and right now I am waiting to get the results, I hope it would be enough for me to get myself into second year, if not, it would be a disappointment. Sometimes, I'm truly very disappointed in myself for not being consistent in my studies. Although, I really hope to achieve them with flying colours, but in this kind of standards that I'm putting though, I don't think it will leave a mark in getting an achievement. I must have a determination in doing so. Speaking determination, I also need to consistently waking up early for my daily prayers, in which I'm not good in that. Bt surely with faith, and willing to do it for Allah's sake, insya'Allah I will.

With this I end myself with a Salam, which means peace=)

5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer // Friday, 8 April 2011

All the whistles and bells of the modern camera should, at least in theory, make crafting great images an easier and more straightforward process than it used to be – with all these exposure modes, focussing tools, picture styles and the like, camera manufacturers would like you to believe that it’s just a matter of squeezing the shutter and hey presto you’re Bailey. Certainly getting the tricky business of exposure right has become more straightforward for the technologically challenged – you really don’t need to know much to get some passable snapshots but what about if you want to take your photography further?
Photography is so very different an activity from that of even ten years ago. Good modern photographers need to be able to do so much more than compose and frame a shot, and whilst the traditional skills required for messing around with chemicals in a darkroom are waning, a whole set of new techniques are needed if you want to develop your photography to a really high standard. Here’s what I think are five key ways to make your photography shine:
1. Know Your Software
Hone your ‘developing’ skills to where you can take an image and get the very best out of it in your digital darkroom. This is a vital capability whether you want to be primarily a ‘photographer’ or an ‘image-maker’ and allows you to take greater control over your work so it’s the very best that it can be. This means choosing a solid piece of editing software and learning how to use it to its full potential. It doesn’t mean buy the most expensive thing and learn that – you have to choose something that best suits your interests and needs. Be prepared to change your mind.
2. Get the Basics Right
You need to know composition, exposure and how to utilise your camera to get the most out of it. It doesn’t matter much what camera you’re using, if you don’t really know how to point it then you’re going to struggle to get anything good out of it. Know your manual and what your camera can (and can’t) do. Study and understand phenomena like depth of field, focal planes and shutter speeds. This stuff can get geeky and bit dull at times but it will help you to understand how to produce a particular effect or look when you start to frame in your mind what you want an image to look like in its final form.
3. Be Flexible
It’s easy to get stuck in a rut taking the same kind of shots and processing them in the same way over and over again. Or just adopting one set of tools and failing to implement new ones as and when they become available. Developing your work means that you do need to develop the way you work. This means being conscious of issues such as workflow and how they impact on your ability to produce good images. Just like the dodo, if you fail to evolve you fail to survive in that will you fail to keep your interest in photography in general but you also need to be able to innovate and change if you’re really going to produce some impressive images.
4. Study Others’ Work
Art rarely develops in isolation, the work of other people can be key in helping you to develop your style, hone your skills and increase your knowledge. Spend time every day looking at the work of others, thinking about how they created a specific look or effect and work out how you could replicate it. An important tool for the modern photographer is networking with other photographers on-line or in real life. On-line communities such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are a great way to get your work ‘out there’ but are an even better resource for inspiration and discussion. They even allow you to engage in collaborative projects which will boost your skills and experience substantially. In real life, you should check out your local camera club or photo-walk group. Interacting with other photographers in the flesh is a great way to learn new things and increase your engagement with photography overall, it might give you access to new shooting opportunities and equipment and will certainly challenge the way you see your own photography.
5. Practice
You can read all the books, internet sites or magazine articles you like but there’s no substitute for actually picking up your camera and using it. Passion for photography comes from the feeling of having created something unique and interesting with your camera – be that a single image, a small portfolio or an entire body of work. There is just no substitute for picking your camera up and pointing it at things in earnest and ideally, you should be using your camera as a portal to show others something you yourself passionate about. Having the ability to show something you love in a new and visually exciting way onlycomes with practice and thus practice is the thing that more that anything else will make your photographs stand out from the crowd. Go do that now!

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There's something ahead of you // Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Salam, peace greetings to all who read this....


Sometimes, life, He gave it to us, we just have to treasure it, just have to appreciate it, and always thank Him for giving us Life, even though he gives you challenges, which is to make us stronger, in imaan, and be more taqwa.

Well, I am still doing my best to learn that, even though I am not doing as much as I can, but insya'Allah, I will keep on going, never to give up.

Anyways, well, I wanted to blog this because, something that has got to do with my love life, but, I felt its worthless to have it now, since in front of me is still have alo off work to do, I need to focus on that.

I have to realise that love will never go away, if you have faith in Him. As long as I know whats my duty are, as a muslim.

Everyday, I kept thinking... of just improving myself to be better, just not to think alot, and just have to focus more into reality. I hope this will make me feel better, Insya'Allah.

Well, I just have to keep strong, and have faith...

Thats all...

May Allah, give me strength, accept my prayers, and show me to the right path...

For all I have to say, No God I shall believe except Allah, and the messager of Allah is Muhammad Rasullah peace be upon Him.


A place I called a 2nd Home // Monday, 8 November 2010

As'salammualaikum to all my brothers/Sisters who read this,

Alhamdulillah, I felt such happiness and delightful to have a new family=)

Just past this few days, I visited my dad due to sickness that leads to hospitalization, this took place in Ipoh, this is where story of finding out my new family. I gonna tell you guys, I had such fun with them, even though we had have such time to do so, but I did get to know my new step brothers and sisters, now I got more siblings than before, how happy I am. Okay, anyways, upon my dad being hospitalised, I did manage to discover alot places in Ipoh, and learnt alot of food traditions, learnt some of their traditions, their dialects and much more, so much fun. But if only I have more time to spend with them, well actually, most of my step siblings are working, and schooling, most of them study schools that are at such distances where by they may have a hard coming back home and back to school, so they have to stay in dormitories. And some who work, also are at a different places. Only 2 of my siblings are staying in the house plus my step mum.

My dad would regularly go Ipoh to perform his duties as a husband, since I got two mums, well, I would not want to say it here as this is my family issue. But yeah, I am glad to have a family in Malaysia, and what is makes me happy is, I got an elder sister and brother to look up to, Alhamdulillah! I think Allah hear my doas, I didn't one nor two siblings, now I got 8 siblings with including me is 9, Plus my mums and dad is already 12 in family, wow, now thats big enough.=)

Anyway, I visited alot of places, shops that sell such things you will not ever see in Singapore, some of it you can't even bring it in Singapore. Well, I won't tell you what it is though. hheheh.

But anyways, I beginning to love the place in Ipoh, as it is so much different and subtle than of my place, well, but I will still miss my 1st home where I was borned, I can't deny that, but now, both are my home where I go to.

Ok, I think I stop here for now, maybe, when I get back, I will tell more okay....

Peace, Insya'Allah...


Rasulullah // Thursday, 28 October 2010

I wish you are here to guide us all, to guide us to the right path......

Juraij, a pious man //

Rasulullah (may peace be upon him) said:

There once was pious man named Juraij. He perfored many religious pieties that a monastery was built for him, and he lived inside it. One day his mother came while he was performinging his prayers. His mother called him: "Dear Juraij!" Juraij said in his heart:

"Dear God, my mother(calls) whereas I am praying." Juraij opted to continue praying until his mother left.

The nex da his mother came again and Juraij was still praying. His mother came again and Juraij was still praying. His mother called: "Dear Juraij!". Juraij said "Dear God, my mother(calls) whereas I am praying." Juraij opted to continue praying until his mother left.

called: "Dear Juraij!". The next day his mother came again (for the third time) and Juraij was still praying. His motherJuraij said "Dear God, my mother(calls) whereas I am praying." Again Juraij chose to continue praying until his mother left.

Hence his mother prayed: "Oh Allah! Do not take the life of Juraij until he has seen the faces of prostitutes!"

Since that moment, the tribe of Bani Israil started talking about Juraij and his pieties. There was a beautifully groomed prostitute. So the prostitute offered herself to Juraij, but Juraij ignored her. Then the prostitute approached a shepherd who was resting near Juraij's monastery, offered herelf to him and they commited fornication.

The prostitute became pregnant. When the child was born, the prostitute alledged: "This is the child of Juraij." So the people went to Juraij, forced him out, destroyed his monastery and beat him up, Juraij asked: "Why are you doing these to me?" They replied: "You have fornicated with this prostitute until she gave birth to your child!" Juraij asked: "Where is the baby?" hence the baby was brought to Juraij. He said "Le me be, I want to pray first." Then Juraij prayed. After he prayed, Juraij went to the baby, tapped the baby's tummy and asked:

"Dear baby, who is your father?" The baby replied: "My father is a shepherd."

When the people heard that, they went to Juraij, touched him and kissed him (because they were guilty of accusing him) and said: "We will rebuild your monastery which had destroyed and replace it with one of gold." Juraij replied: "No, but build one fro earth like the one before."

The above hadith shows how superior a parent is to his/her child and how important it is for a child to treat his parent kindly. Imagine, if a child who is praying is considered guilty because he ignores his mother, what about us who often so occupied in chasing after worldly livelihood that we ignore our parent's wishes?


A beautiful day in 19102010 // Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Today is beautiful day for me, because why, I think most of you know what day it is today
ahahaha... Ok, actually its my 21st birthday...

Anyways, Masya'Allah, I received alots of birthday wishes and du'as(in facebook), well I am quite surprised to see alot people sent me wishes, compared to last year, Masya'Allah.... Thanks alots guys, happiness saye tak terhingga....^___________^

Love you all, weather send atau tak send wishes, I am super happy, hehehe...

Peace and a bright sunny day....